Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our vision

To be the Destination, Experience and Company of Choice

Our mission

To Identify, Develop & Deliver WOW based experiences.

Our values

  1. Manaakitanga (Customer)
  2. Tino Rangatiratanga (Company)
  3. Iwi Whanui (Community)
  4. Kaitiakitanga (Conservation)
  5. Whakapapa (Culture)

Our Philosophy

We seek to:

  • Minimize Waste,
  • Promote Recycling,
  • Use eco-friendly products.
  • Measure and reduce our energy consumption and carbon footprint.
  • Minimize our impact on the marine life. 

Education is an important aspect of the experience we deliver and something we have spent a lot of time developing and continually look to improve.

Our aim is for customers to go away knowing that they have learnt something new and interesting, and in the process becoming advocates for the protection of our natural marine environment.

We work hard to support our environment by undertaking a number of actions. Many of these you will not see, but some you may notice.

Some examples of actions that you may not see include:

  • Using jet propulsion units on all our vessels to minimize noise and prevent mammal strikes with exposed propellers.
  • Storing all rubbish and wastewater on vessels for discharge appropriately on land.
  • Making land available to the Dept of Conservation for the endangered Hutton's Shearwater translocation programme.
  • Providing sponsorship to our local schools, community groups and sports clubs.
  • Supporting and contributing financially to research conducted in the Kaikōura area on Whales, Dolphins and Seals.

Sustainable Whale Watching in Kaikōura

Whale watching in Kaikōura has had decades of scientific research conducted on it in relation to the potential impacts of commercial Whale watching on Sperm Whales, all interactions with marine mammals are strictly governed by the New Zealand Marine Mammal Protection Regulations.

Targeted research completed in 2011 concluded:

The current regulations administered by the Department of Conservation including existing limits on permitted tours and the three vessels within 300m rule appear to appropriately manage the level of interaction between tour vessels and whales. Such regulations minimize effects of the vessels on sperm whales, promoting a sustainable whale watching industry at Kaikōura. Looking forward, it would appear that whale watching tourism at Kaikōura is on the right track, with growth and development that is good for the community and does not appear to impact the animals. For example, the newer, larger vessels operated by whale watch can carry more passengers and make less noise. While marine mammal eco-tourism will no doubt continue to expand at Kaikōura, we suggest that continued caution is warranted with respect to the rate of growth and the sort of growth to ensure both a healthy tourism business and a healthy sperm whale population for generations to come.

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Nau Mai Haere Mai Ki Whale Watch Kaikoura  


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