Our Crew

Whale Watch vessels are crewed by a friendly team of Skippers and Guides very experienced in interacting with the local Sperm Whales.

They have expert knowledge of Kaikōura's sea conditions and are fully trained in all aspects of safety. Whale Watch staff constantly monitor the weather and respond professionally to any changes. This may mean a tour is cancelled or safety restrictions placed on children or passengers with medical problems. Passenger comfort and safety are always our priority.

Shannon Gray - Captain / Guide

Kia Ora - I have been apart of the Whale Watch Kaikōura team for a few years now. I get a lot of enjoyment showing our visitors the beauty of Kaikōura, the whales and other animals we encounter on our tours. "I love the office I work in". I have the best job ever!



Chevy Allen - Captain

Kia Ora – I started working at Whale Watch Kaikōura in the early 90’s as a guide. I was then given the opportunity to work in other departments of the company which eventually led me to become a skipper.

Working in a company that has a 100% focus on customer satisfaction & value for our guests gives me pleasure in being able to show people who have travelled from the 4 corners of the earth what nature has to offer… beautiful marine life, the true natural wonders of the world.

Chevy Allen Captin


Kia Ora our names are Samantha & Tehlia, we are both part of the sea crew team. It's a true privilege and pleasure to bring manuhiri out and show off what papatuanuku provides for us here in Kaikōura. No tour is ever the same and that's what keeps us excited and gives us the passion we have for our "job". Getting to experience what we get to on a day to day basis is amazing but getting to share it and show it off to our people is what we look forward to the most!

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Kia Ora - I love showing our guests our spectacular marine life in its natural environment. There is no better way to see whales, dolphins, seals and other wildlife. You will not find any cages here, no feeding time, no teaching of tricks to perform for entertainment - just pure natural beauty at its best! The marine life we see are simply going about their daily lives, and for me, to be able to take guests out and see this is pretty special. 


Tēnā Koe, I was knee high to a grasshopper when I saw my first Sperm whale at Oreti Beach and that’s where my love for whales started. For my 10th birthday, my family took me to Whale Watch Kaikōura and I swore to myself that one day I’d work for them. Alas, here I am! 

It goes without saying that I love my job, not only working with all the whales and wildlife in their raw, natural form but the true reward is subtle, hidden in being able to share my passion with visitors from all over the world and showing them a good time. 



Kia Ora - For me, the greatest feeling in the world is to work in a place where Mother Nature is the star of the show. Nothing beats working alongside the beautiful taonga that lives in our beautiful blue backyard. I enjoy sharing these experiences with all our visitors that come to our small slice of paradise and hopefully have them leave with a little more knowledge, love and appreciation for what we have living in our oceans.

Annika Dahlberg - Tour Guide

Kia Ora, I absolutely love being able to be out on the water each day and being able to show this beautiful marine environment to all of our customers from all around the globe. The Kaikōura canyon is teeming with wildlife and they are all in their natural environment.

Kaikōura is truly a unique place where you can view whales, dolphins, seals and albatross all in one tour, there is no place like this anywhere else.



Allan Cronin - Tour Guide

Kia Ora, observing wildlife in its natural habitat is the best thing you can do. Here in Kaikōura we get to view sperm whales on a daily basis, it is a true privilege to view these majestic creatures and to be able to share my passion for marine life with our guests is truly special. Every day out on the water is different and you never know what the next day is going to bring. I get to work in one of the most unique and special places in the world.



Please note we remain closed until further notice. We appreciate all the messages and inquiries we have been receiving, it means a lot. We assure you that we are working hard behind the scenes to be showing you all a 'whale of a time' again in the future.

Ngā Mihi

The team at Whale Watch Kaikōura